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The Felder-Williams Project

Hello! My name is Michael Felder, the Founder of The Felder-Williams Project. In my professional career, I hold the position of Distribution Foreman with a local public utility company. As a Foreman, my daily responsibilities encompass the crucial tasks of exploring and analyzing complex distribution systems, but my genuine passion in life is serving the community by raising awareness of the traumatic effects of child abuse.

Studies have shown that there are an estimated 3.4 million cases of child abuse reported to Child Protective Services. However, in my case, my abuse as a child was never reported. I am an adult who has been plagued by my past of being a victim of sexual child abuse. The emotions of being victimized as a child left me feeling helpless and isolated. With the many trials and tribulations l encountered in life, l found the strength to forgive. I was able to find my voice and rise above any obstacle. I knew that if l could find a way out, l could help others who are like me find their way out also.

My breakthrough by forgiveness moved me to develop The Felder-Williams Project. The project is lead by me and a host of other visionaries who share the same passion of providing aid to those suffering from abuse, especially the adolescent population. It is our duty as a community to tackle the trivial tasks of exploring and analyzing the complexities of educating, protecting, and rehabilitating the victims and survivors of sexual child abuse.

The vision for this project for all visionaries involved are as follows:
• Bring community awareness regarding child abuse.
• Provide donations to families and children in need.
• Offer various resources to support victims/survivors of sexual child abuse.

Sadly, we cannot accomplish these goals alone. We need your help in making this vision clear.

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